Gi and Anne

Not so long time ago I’ve decided to start new project on searching the international couples that live and work in Poznan and share their amazing stories. Today I would like to tell you about my friends Guilherme (Brazil) and Anne (Guatemala) that met each other in the middle of Europe far away from their home.

img_0510Guilherme came to Poland 1,5 year ago to study Master in Economics in one of the universities here in Poznan (and this is how I met him). He’d been living outside Brazil already for 4 years and spent his time living in US, Italy and Germany. Gi is still travelling and host other people that visit him from different parts of the world. Despite the fact that Guilherme is an active member in social life at the University, he works as a coach for Swedish company that has a base here in Poland.

Anne moved to Europe 4,5 years ago to Germany and had been living in a small town there before she decided to move to Berlin for getting the education. She’s been Erasmus student in Belgium and now she has been living for 6 months in Poland. Currently Anne’s working in Poznan and she had never imagined that she could get a job in soft work business. The company that she works in agreed to sign the employment contract after 3 month probation period.

-How did you meet?

G: We met in Berlin in September, 2014 (it was that period when we both were living in Germany) in a park reading books, sitting on different benches. Then it was that non-verbal flirting when I started approach Anne (laughing together) and we spent all day together talking about everything…

Two months later I had to leave Germany to move to Italy. I told my flatmates that I had to leave for good and so that they could rent my room. With Anne I had serious conversation before my departure and we were ready even to have this long-distance relationship… I took my stuff and went to Italy, arrived there in a small town in North of country. But then the situation has changed dramatically and they say to me that I had to go back!

After 1 week in Italy 🙂 I went back to Germany and I had no place to stay. So I asked Anne if I could stay in her place? She accepted me and then we were both living in that very very small student dorm together. Few month later I rent my own room and we visit each other living apart from each other.

img_0495A: My first impression when Gi was looking at me was: ‘What does this guy want from me?’:) but then, you know, we started talking and I found Guilherme very charming guy. We have this strong connection due to the cultural similarity even though we both use English as communication language (Spanish is our second language).

-What were the reasons for relocating particularly to Poland?

 During last 3 years I was doing some volunteer work learning languages but then I’ve decided to go back to study and applied for few universities in Germany, Scandinavia and Poland. They didn’t accept my documents in Germany (that was in priority for me). Therefore, among the countries that I got accepted, I chose Poznan because 1) it was the closest place to Berlin where Anne lived at that time so we could see each other very easily and 2) I felt some connections to Poland as my grandmother was born here (!).

A: I came to Poznan to visit him (we see each other every 2 weeks) and I liked the city very much. Moreover I had to do my last semester in university and pass my internship as well so I decided to take the challenge and search for a job in Poland… And now we are here really enjoying every moment!




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