Hello from Kazakhstan

“Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times” Asian Proverb

Many times people ask me: “Where do you come from?”

Studying as an international student in Poznan (Poland) you might be asked this kind of question almost everyday and you should be ready to give the answer with a short courses in Geography and History.

I remember myself on the first day at University where each student was asked to present his country of origin

It was a time-consuming process to put all information about my country in 5 min. presentation. Especially when the name of my country doesn’t ring a bell for many people from European part of the world.

People pay attention on me not only because I speak English sitting outside with my frineds but because the beauty that I have not typical for Poland. And that’s the fact

I was born in Moscow in 1993  in the Aftermath of the Collapse of the Soviet Union (small historical fact). I didn’t remember that times but my parents did. In a few words it was the time of inflation, demographic crisis and unemployment (50 shades of gray).
My father had being worked in Kazakhstan at that time while my mother was doing her MA program in Chemiacl Technology University in Moscow. So after defending her thesis we came back to my mother’s land where I spent all my childhood and youth.
So coming back to the most asking question I can surely say that I’m from Kazakhstan.

Talking about my ancestry…Well, that could be tricky

In my family tree you can find mixture of Russian (Siberian), Ukrainain, Polish, German, Lithuanian and Belorussian descents from my mother’s side and representatives from one of the oldes Kazakh tribes on my dad’s side. This is who I am.


Given you modern picture of my country I can say it’s a big country (9th place in the world by territory) with the small amount of population (only 17 mln people). But true beaty hidden in nature… After my absence of 11 months I finally got back home from Poland to Kazakhstan. But my trip didn’t finish. After few days spending in my parents’ flat we bought tickets to the train to visit my grandparents. So I took my camera. The train was full. Families, small children, old people got a bit mixed up with the bags on platform.
As I mentiond before, the territory of my country is a vast expanses and the way to another city is also long. As an example I can say it’s about 800 km and 12 hours by train to overcome the distance to my grandparents’ town. Train stops few times during the night to take people from little railway stations. So normally trains equipped of beds and the price for bedsheets is included. Small gift for each passenger – instant coffee and tea.

All the way I had been watching landscape from our window enjoying the view. The true beauty hidden in nature…







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